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  Our support services, application development, and systems services focus on assisting clients in the following areas...
  • Developing collaborative information environments and applications
  • Business Process Automation for improved
    efficiency and reduced costs
  • Communication and collaboration to facilitate information sharing
  • Decision support, to aid in the review of complex data
  • Data storage, retrieval, and data backup

Our Projects and Sponsors

Academic Research & Grants Information System (ARGIS)
As one of America's leading metropolitan research institutions, the University of Central Florida (UCF) needed a research administration system capable of managing its vast and growing research while simultaneously providing individual researchers, department chairs, college deans, and other managers with the vital information required.

The Academic Research and Grants Information System (ARGIS) is a fully relational, highly functional application that truly represents unique developments in web-based technology, particularly in the use of databases to drive page layout, design, user interface, and backend services. ARGIS is a fully web-based information system that also connects and interfaces with other university ERP systems to provide a single point to access research information for all stakeholders.
* Additional information can be found at

Desert Research Institute New Mexico State University University of Central Florida Office of Research & Commercialization RDECOM

DMSCAT Defense M&S Catalog
Organizations supported by M&S need visibility into the tools, data and services that meet their requirements. This visibility is established through a discovery process that has, at its core, a search capability. As such, the DoD M&S Steering Committee commissioned the creation of the Defense M&S Catalog to establish a web-based search capability, which provides a "card catalog" level of detail about M&S tools, data, and services. Data owners may use the Enterprise Metacard Builder Resource (EMBR) Portal to create metacards and publish them to the M&S Catalog, or use a System-to-System method if they already have a repository of their own in place. 

Department of Defense Modeling & Simulation Coordination Office

IST Timesheet Institute for Simulation & Training Timesheet System
Developed to support the tracking of effort on sponsored projects, the IST Time Sheet system allows employees to enter their time to be charged on one or more contracts and grants each pay period.   Limitations for hours charged can be managed per account number, by person, by pay period or for total hours that may be charged.  These settings are individually managed by Principle Investigators/Managers responsible for each account.  Once the timesheet data has been entered for the pay period, the data is automatically transmitted to UCF Payroll department to charge the appropriate accounts.  This electronic system replaced a labor intensive manual/hard-copy process of tracking time against particular efforts.

Institute for Simulation & Training

NCAPS Nursing Course Advising and Planning System (NCAPS)
The Nursing Course Advising and Planning System (NCAPS) aids in the development and tracking of academic plans of study tailored to the needs of the student, as approved by an advisor. The system stores course information for each program and track, and includes generic programs of study to aid in the development of a student’s program of study. NCAPS provides a variety of reports used to aid in the planning of course offerings for future academic semesters as well as periodic studies required for accreditation reviews (to include student certification/immunization status, demographic information, and more). 

University of Central Florida - College of Nursing

SISO Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)
The Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) is an international organization dedicated to the promotion of modeling and simulation interoperability and reuse for the benefit of a broad range of M&S communities.  Their website provides an open forum promoting the interoperability and reuse of models and simulations through the exchange of ideas, the examination of technologies, and the development of standards. 

Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization
University of Central Florida
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